PRP for Treatment

  • •  Skin Rejuvenation
    •  Face Lift
    •  Age Spots
    •  Volume Correction

Laser + PRP

PRP combined with laser therapy produces objective  improvement of skin elasticity, a lower erythema index,
and an increase in collagen density as well.


This combination quantify the stimulation of new collagen synthesis and cell formation exactly where it is needed, right at the dermal layer.

Fat Grafts + PRP

PRP addition to fat grafts is a solution to boost stem cell survival, multiplication and differentiation to finally enhance the survival of grafted fat.


HA can provide rejuvenation for age-related changes to soft facial tissue, but not the underlying bone. 
On the other hand combination using platelet rich plasma can target all aspects of facial ageing.

Collagen + PRP

Collagen is a great platelet activator which can make the average growth factor release higher. When this combination injected into the skin, it acts as a matrix that promotes PRP activation and collagen to grow, and regenerates tissue.