Jenna Scientific Drug Bureau At a Glance

We are an Iraqi managed company focusing on the developing and building Health Care System in our community. Working with the highest levels of distributors alike, we aim to not only expand our business scale and scope but also have a special interest in serving the needs of the end consumer that requires our products the most. 

About us

The business was started in 1999 when Dr. Muhannad (company's founder and CEO) opened his first pharmacy in Baghdad. He innovated in the retail sector with a large array of products and high-quality professional services. Following years Dr. Muhannad continued opening new pharmacies in the different locations of the city. The success stories of community pharmacies prompts the establishment of Jenna Scientific Drug Bureau in 2011.


To become a diversified IRAQI healthcare leader while helping our nation to develop a proper health system for our community  


To be the most reliable and efficient platform, to bring over seas pharmaceutical products, medical supplies and services into the Iraqi market.

Be the partner of choice and one-stop-shop for multinational healthcare and life science corporations seeking to enter or expand their business in Iraq.

Provide our partners the highest level of professional services and commitment.

Increase market share and expand current product line.

Today Jenna Scientific Drug Bureau proudly represents many international and multinational pharmaceutical companies. Starting our journey with Community Pharmacies in Baghdad in early years, through the diversity of overseas suppliers that have strengthened Jenna with a strong portfolio of products including:



Medical Devices

Out Business Timeline


Alyanaboa Community Pharmacy in Baghdad


Alaaj Community Pharmacy in Baghdad


Al Alamiya Community Pharmacy in Baghdad


Joint Partnership with Noor Al-Asema Scientific Drug Bureau in Baghdad


Successfully established Jenna Scientific Drug Bureau


Sada Alamiya Community Pharmacy in Baghdad



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